Thursday, December 04, 2014

Sea World Fun

Sunday was youth Sunday, so Darin only needed to be at first service, so we decided to go to Sea World and enjoy the beautiful weather and time together not on the land.  

 Train ride, short and sweet

 Walking with Daddy
 Taking a break for snacks
 The one ride that our whole family can go on together.  Colson loved riding the horses and would cry every time I told him it was all done.

The one thing Bria really wanted to do was see the dolphins, so we made sure to stop and watch them play for a while.  It was a fun day, doing one of our favorite things, being together.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Working/playing on the land

 Caily and Lexi had last week off from school and we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent a lot of time out on our land.  Darin worked on cutting down cedars and trying to avoid the oaks in the process.  I split my time between the little people and trying to help Darin as much as I could.
The girls and Colson played for hours on end and we loved seeing them happily enjoying the outdoors.  

 Sky watching out for Colson or Colson watching out for Sky.
 Sticks and dirt, the best toys around
 Little boy by the big tree, eating his snack

 All the girls loved helping, but Caily seems to stick with it the longest
Colson loves being outside, often bringing me his shoes to go outside.  He played with sticks, like swords and chainsaws.
 The older girls practiced their tree climbing skills

Oh the entertainment little things can bring.  
 This is the before picture...  and this, after many hours of chainsawing and 2 days with a skid steer...
The after, which is to be continued...
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Dreaded Stomach Bug!

One of the things that I was fearing the most with living in the RV happened this week.  Sunday night we had all four children throwing up, a record! To keep things interesting remember there is one teeny tiny bathroom.  It started with Caily, then Colson, back to Caily, caring for Caily while trying to get Colson back to sleep, then Lexi, then Bria!  Fortunately Bria and Colson weren't hit that hard, but Caily and Lexi have yet to go to school this week.  Tuesday the girls had fevers, Wednesday seemed to be on the up and up and then early this morning the both threw up.  So, we have been watching a whole bunch of movies and not much else has been going on.  
 This picture tells a lot of the story,  gratefully, neither Darin or I got sick, just a lot of cuddling and cleaning up.  
 This crazy child, after throwing up, wouldn't go back to sleep and happily played for hours in the middle of the night.
 Poor girlies, didn't move and would randomly fall asleep.

So far, we have survived, hopefully the girls will continue to feel better today and go to one day of school before thanksgiving break.  Darin and I would jokingly call the RV the trailer of death, because of all the germs floating around.  I am so thankful for a husband that is not afraid to be in the middle of it all, that sickness is unusual and our children are normally very healthy.  
Bye for now